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  • Gaurav Kumar Gupta

I always knew about the struggle my family had to face to get my admission done in VNIT but I never knew the solution by which I could reduce their burden. ScholFin did not only show me the solution by way of the scholarship, but also made the process to avail it easy. I thank team ScholFin for this effort.

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  • Ram Kishore Jani

ScholFin.com has helped me to get over my biggest apprehension that of being kept from moving towards my dreams. I always knew that the only way I could make my dreams come true was education. But, my family’s financial condition served as a hurdle in my path of education. ScholFin was there to my rescue, making my search of scholarships a child’s play, giving me hope and contentment.

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  • Nikita Tankshali

I was fortunate enough that I came across the website of SCHOLFIN. A well-organized setup of online application portal launched by SCHOLFIN for providing students with numerous scholarships to apply is really commendable. I personally liked the motive behind this venture as it is helping me to select and apply for various scholarships, which I otherwise was ignorant about.

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  • Bhavin Sanghvi

First of all i would like to Thanks scholfin.com for creating such innovative site which helped me a lot in receiving scholarship/education loan for my higher studies abroad. While signing up to this site it let me knew that i was eligible to get a whopping scholarship/education loan of about Rs.45 lakhs. This website also provides a detailed description on the eligibility criteria for getting the respective scholarship amount from various institutions. I have received Rs 4 lakh scholarship from R.D.Sethna Foundation and Neterwala Trust of 3 lakh and 1 lakh respectively by applying through scholfin , many more to come in following days. So basically its a one stop shop of finding scholarships in an organized manner and way better than other scholarship sites. Once again a big Thank You to Scholfin to provide a help handing to accomplish my goals in free of cost. Keep up the good work!

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  • Govind Patel

It wasn’t before registering myself on ScholFin that I knew I was eligible to apply for so many scholarships, the way I could find a list of all the scholarships with such ease was not only a relief but also fun. Anyone like me, who thinks that finding scholarships is a monotonous task of all times is undoubtedly on the right platform. I never felt that I needed a scholarship as my family took good care of my education. I registered myself on ScholFin.com out of curiosity to see what it offers, and to my surprise I was eligible to apply for at least 10 scholarships! This website has not only enabled me to find a good scholarship but also let me make my parents proud. Thank you ScholFin, for making this possible. I never knew there are so many scholarships apart from those provided by the Government; I loved how they have accumulated data of all the scholarships in the country. Great initiative, thanks to the team! It is wonderful how students have come forward to understand the needs of the students and taken a step to reduce their problems of education funding. Work done well, couldn’t be any happier. If it wasn’t for ScholFin I wouldn’t have been able to identify the scholarships opportunities I had. Thank you to the team making me aware about the opportunity but also enabling me to seize it! ? I would not only appreciate the easy registration process but also the way the team had answered all the doubts and queries every time I called them, with all the patience and support, getting a scholarship was made easier than ever. I can’t be thankful enough ?

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