Finding scholarships for class 11th and 12th students made easier than ever!

Scholarships for class 11 and 12 students india

As you have cleared your class 10th board exams, you have crossed a milestone of life. But the upcoming stage in the education line is yet another crucial point of your lives. So, if you are a meritorious student, have cleared class 10th with excellent marks and you get a scholarship for class 11 and 12, won’t it be icing on the cake? Such a scholarship is called merit-based scholarship. Continue Reading

43 Fellowships in India you must be aware about!

A fellowship provides financial aid to students to pursue graduate or post graduate studies in their preferred area in lieu of internship or employment for that fellowship granting organization. Nowadays a number of Government and private organizations offers fellowships list and assistant ship scheme that you need to be aware of it.  Below is a list of few fellowship scheme that will help you find most relevant one that exactly fits  your need and requirement.

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Online Scholarships for Engineering Students in India

Engineering is most sought-after career option in India. Engineering graduates not only grab high paying jobs in India but they also enjoy high social status in society. But unfortunately the cost of pursuing engineering in India is continuously rising and students from lower-income groups are finding it almost difficult to meet financial obligations set by the Engineering Colleges/Universities. Here comes the role of scholarships and funding. There are many scholarships for engineering students in India. These scholarships are mostly sponsored by Government organizations, Private Companies, Charitable Trusts and even Philanthropic Individuals.
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Scholarships for General Category students in India no more hard to find!

Scholarships for General Category students in India

Generally while finding scholarships, the major problem that a lot of students face these days is that they can’t find scholarships for themselves, if they belong to the general category. But little do you know that there are a lot of scholarships for general category students, if you can’t specifically find the scholarships for general category students, you must know that there are scholarships which are open for all the category students irrespective of their caste. The one-stop solution to find these scholarships for general category students is to register yourself on

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Scholarships for Medical students in India 2016

Scholarships for Medical students in India 2016

Medical and engineering are the most opted fields for a career in India but the high college fees are a big time discouragement for students to get into these lines. Uneducated masses itself is a critical problem in our country, the inability to pay for education shouldn’t be. We have already written about the scholarships for engineering in India, in this article we will focus on scholarships for Medical students in India 2016.

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16 Scholarships for Girls in India that can actually make a difference!

There was a time when girls were deprived of education, and now it’s a time that the no. of girls going to schools and colleges is remarkably increasing. One such step to keep the no. of girls getting educated on a constant hike is- Scholarships for Girls. Continue Reading

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