How to Apply for OPJEMS Scholarship

Hello Scholfin Scholars! The registration process for OPJindal Engineering Management Scholarship (OPJEMS) has been started from August 07, 2016.  Every year O.P Jindal group selects 100 meritorious students from 40 premier engineering and management institutions and conferred scholarships on them. OPJEM Scholarship is awarded purely on the basis of merit and financial need is not taken into granted while awarding this coveted scholarship.

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Why is Scholarship the best form of Financial Aid?

The first thing that comes to our minds when we read “Financial aid for Students” is the finance for education, and that is the common perception because students are individuals who are busy in getting themselves educated. And, this need of financial aid for education usually arises once a student gets out of school and is ready to get into college, because education gets expensive with an increase in its level. Not only that, the cost of education also gets higher if you are willing to take admissions in premiere institutes.

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Raisoni Scholarships for Class 10, 12 and Diploma passed students

Raisoni Scholarships

Some of the most critical problems that our country has been facing for years and end are that of illiteracy and poverty. One of the most effective solutions to solve these is education, but a great margin of people cannot afford to get them self educated. In such a situation, scholarship is that one thing which can not only provide people a financial aid to move on the path of education but also encourage them to choose that path. Keeping this in mind, ScholFin has launched the Raisoni Scholarships Class 10, 12 and Diploma students, in association with The Raisoni Group, in order to uplift the meritorious and needy students by appreciating them for their satisfactory performance in class 10th, 12th and diploma in the year 2016.

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Does education really need to be funded?

In today’s world, wherever you go, only one thing sustains, EDUCATION, apart from sustaining you, it takes you forward in life and helps to achieve your goals and scale new heights. Education is a lifeline that is defined to be an ‘Enlightening Experience’. Well, all this being said, you also know that education comes with a price, and no, I don’t mean to use price in a metaphorical sense, price in its literal sense.

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We have come across a lot of students who either don’t know what loan scholarships are, or confuse them with education loans. We did try to enlighten you about loan scholarships in one of our previous articles, but the tangling still seems to remain. And, it is not your fault as a student that there is a lack of comprehension for the term loan scholarships, as infrequently the term is used, as less are the no. of loan scholarships available, we here will you help you with the complete difference between education loans and loan scholarships. Continue Reading

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Who doesn’t need a scholarship for college?

The recent survey  report of  ASSOCHAM reveals  that  in India parents  shell out nearly half of their total lifetime earnings on their child’s education and other academic activities. This rising cost of  education coupled with recessive global economy has put additional financial strain on parents, especially with single-income families. The only way out of this financial crunch is through Scholarships. Scholarships will not only help you take some financial burden off, but also alleviate some of the financial stress  associated with education. Continue Reading

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6 different types of scholarships you must be aware about!

One of the biggest misconception about scholarships among students is that scholarships are available only for gifted students with high intelligence quotient.  However, this is just a myth. The real fact is that, there are scholarships and grants for almost all types of students.  For example, there are scholarships for students, women, working professionals, sports person, creative people, and persons with disabilities both physical and mental.

Here are some of the most common types of scholarships that help you get the first hand information about different scholarships programme and grants. Continue Reading

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Best way to search for national and college scholarships online

Online Scholarship Search (national and college)

Students from almost every discipline fantasize about receiving scholarship and getting enrolled in one of the best educational institution of the world. However, finding a scholarship that recognizes your talent and at the same time fits your profile is not an easy task. Lack of self-awareness on the part of both parents and students has further aggravated the problem of scholarship search.

Though there are thousands of scholarships and fellowships schemes available for students but searching a right scholarship from the hordes of scholarship is just like choosing a right book from the heap of disorganized books. Then how to find and secure an appropriate scholarship? Continue Reading

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How to search for scholarship websites for college and high school students

Scholarship website for college & High school students 

Nowadays there are thousands and thousands of scholarships search engine available for students online-The moment you type “Scholarship website” in Google search bar you will get around millions of links that are somehow related to keyword Scholarships. Then how to find a right scholarship website that meets your requirement?

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How to apply for Fair and Lovely Scholarship [Step by step guide]

Hello ScholFin scholars! Today I am going to help you with the step by step guideline to apply for Fair & lovely scholarship. Fair & lovely foundation gives scholarship to 100 girl students each year, of Rs 1,0,00,ooo (1 lac) each.

History: The scholarship scheme was started in the year 2003, & till date, the foundation has given scholarships to 1200 women with outstanding academic records through a nationalized application process. Moreover, apart from India, the foundation helps women with scholarships, vocational training and career guidance in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia too!

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