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Scholarships for Law Students to Study in India or Abroad

Gone are the days when being a lawyer was simply about arguing in court over a petty issue and providing legal service to its client. Over the years legal  profession in India has undergone drastic changes due to globalization, and liberalization which gave birth to new  economic and social order.  Nowadays, you may spot “men in black coat” rendering their services almost everywhere ranging from corporate houses to administrative departments, from law firms to law agencies, from KPO to LPO and from movies to sports besides their traditional work place courtroom. According to Bar council of India(BCI) there are “approximately” 1.2 million lawyers providing their services in various capacities   plus “approximately” 4 lacs to 5 lacs studying law at this very moment, churning out 6 to 7 thousand law graduates every year. Thanks to booming law schools and law universities and different law scholarships offered by them to attract high caliber students.

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